Personalisation & Decoration of Garments/Workwear

Q. Why should I personalise my company's clothing?

A. Personalised clothing is inexpensive and a cost effective method of advertising your company.

Q. Is embroidered workwear durable?

A. Exceptionally durable, our top quality personalised embroidered lettering is suitable for areas up to 10cm x 10cm.

Q. What are the benefits of advertising with a company logo?

A. The corporate identity of your company is especially important - your company logo embroidered on to a uniform is perceived by the public as a sign of a well organised and professional company.

Q. Who is that in the office, does he/she work for me?

A. Branding workwear clothing can give a greater sense of security in the workplace as everyone knows who's who's.

Q. What is embroidery?

A. Embroidery is the process of sewing threads onto a garment to create a logo using computer controlled machines. The result is a logo, that can have up to 6 different colours, embroidered to a consistently high standard.

Q. What styles and sizes of embroidered lettering are available?

A. We offer a range of sizes of lettering and we can advise on the most appropriate size for the text you wish us to embroider and the garment that it is to be applied to.

Wearing your company's name can give your employees a real sense of belonging.

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